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Frequesntly Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about Funny Dev products and services that you need to find out before conducting transactions or using online services

Buying Product

How can I pay for your services?

Funny Dev is a company that provides digital solution for customers in Vietnam and around the world. We accept payment via Bank Transfer (VND), Credit Card (USD), BTC (Bitcoin), USDT, Binance Pay... However, any form or currency will go towards the Funny Dev balance which is the only transaction currency on our MMO Ecosystem.
Corporate and individual customers who want to have some digital solutions need to contact Funny Dev through support channels such as Hotline, Facebook, Telegram and provide information and requirements about the software. Funny Dev receives direct requests from customers, offers the most optimal digital solution, as well as informs the cost and time to complete the project. Customers sign a contract and make a deposit in advance of 50% of the payment amount is the cost of project implementation, Funny Dev works directly with the customer and starts to do the project.
As we said "Grow up from past mistakes". We have made serious mistakes in human resource management, dealing without contracts leading to unnecessary misunderstandings. And above all, we are confident not to scam anyone. We are a legal entity with legal registration and clear contacts. None of our contracts are under $250. So if there really was such a thing as "frauding customers", we would not have survived to this day and created certain technological successes. The noisy events in the past were caused by some competitors in the same profession using despicable tricks to slander us. We have nearly 300 customers who can stand to prove the quality of service.
We want to build an ecosystem for people who make money online. By this system we provide many useful services such as checking IP address, email address or checkout simulator. We also sell many email accounts, websites... that we created ourselves. Besides, we also provide VPN and Online Proxy service, Cloud Hosting service, Cloud VPS, Domain and SSL service... You can use balance to transact on this system to buy services. You can also exchange balance with other members or earn benefit by performing tasks on the system. At an appropriate time expected in 2030, if eligible, may be in some years after our Company will be listed on the official stock exchange.


What is the company`s privacy policy for customer information?

We have a privacy policy for specific user information about who is collected information, who collects and manages user information, the purpose for which user information is collected, the scope and principles of collection. User information, how users access and manage their information at Funny Dev and commitment to user information privacy are specified in Our Privacy Policy
We have very detailed and specific regulations on user information privacy policy in general and payment information in particular. Customers can see details in Our Privacy Policy
We have very clear provisions in Article 10 of the policy of Sales and return of products and services. In which, if it is clear, no refund (pay) for digital content products and services (digital product, digital service) since the information on using the product or service (product license activation code, source code, services...) are sent to customers via email, customer accounts on the website, via Facebook, Telegram... or directly and 100% refund (paid) for products and services. services are not digital content in the first 03 days from the time of purchase of products or services. See details at Sales and return policy for products and services